Key Considerations for Health Insurers/Payers towards enabling Digital Adoption

Author: Dinesh Raman


Many health insurers are on the cusp of digital adoption and while the COVID-19 pandemic did play a part to accelerate that journey, a lot of health insurers regardless believe that embracing digital technologies is a key necessity to survive and thrive in a competitive health insurance market. Despite the stated intent, the level of digitization among the member base remains low.

There are several ways through which health insurers can look to increase the usage of digital tools, especially among their customers/members.

1) Through increased customer acquisition and retention in digital channels and,

2) Enhancing customer engagement/experience.

Increasing digital adoption is not a straightforward process. The digital transformation journey could face a variety of challenges such as talent scarcity, limited investments in technology in addition to a general lack of ability to quantify impact/ROI. Against this backdrop, these health insurers can address these challenges through a combination of Human-centric design and AI to build digital roadmaps, and experiment through data.


Digital adoption among health insurers holds a lot of promise and can be a leading driver of top-line growth and increased member experience in addition to lowering costs to serve. Much of the promised value could only be realized through a rigorous process leveraging design thinking and analytics.

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