Beyond gut feelings: Data driven solutions for today’s investor

Ajith Raam, CEO, XYZ Company

Beyond Gut Feelings – Data-Driven Solutions for Today’s Investor

Ideas, vision, trust, and that strong “gut feeling” may have helped investors make decisions about how promising a company is in the past, but those days are well behind us. What makes a successful investor, today, is the perfect blend of relying on qualitative information, and quantitative data — which is where we come in.

However, providing them with sheer raw data is not enough — what truly helps an investor in making a sound decision is the ability to understand and manage that data so as to positively influence their investment decisions, be it now, or in the future.

What makes a good investment?

When looking to invest in a company, there are some parameters that are standard. Does the company in question have a unique idea with a strong narrative? How about a business plan? And what about how financially relevant this company is?

Though investors seem to broadly look at the same aspects when assessing the health of a company, their needs are vastly different from one another. Active Learning has a big role to play here in personalizing the needs of each investor – stemming from the notion that one size does not fit all.

Typical data would lead to clues on which company is making breakthroughs in growing sectors, what kind of risks would arise from investing in a certain company, etc. On the other hand, what we offer is a more ‘unstructured’ model. An active learning approach is adopted to study each parameter and customize it based on individual preferences to make insights personalized.

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