Time To Value

To execute projects quickly while maintaining high quality, we have developed a range of accelerators. From plug-and-play software to solution frameworks, they help accelerate time-to-value for our clients.

Advanced Analytics Consulting


These solutions package a structured approach to solving commonly occurring business problems.

They are pre-built analytic code modules which deliver results over a desktop application or a web-based platform. E.g. market mix modeling, prospect targeting, offline test and learn, labor optimization etc.

Advanced Analytics Consulting


These solutions enable structured navigation along appropriate analytic pathways to discover relevant insights in specific business areas.

These are high-level solutions with enough flexibility to allow for customization. E.g. customer behavior analytics, sales funnel analytics, campaign optimization, early warning systems, anomaly detection, etc.

Advanced Analytics Consulting


Accelerate standard steps in a larger solution framework. These range from blueprints to guide solutions to code libraries that can be plugged into a larger solution.

E.g. use of AI to evaluate data quality, feature engineering, blueprints for model building and validation, model monitoring frameworks, visualization templates.

Value Accelerators

Value Accelerators are used at various stages of the analytics journey – ideate analytic themes around specific levers of business value, estimate business value delivered by a project, or in preparing a business case for funding, or preparing an analytics road map. These include:

  • Value Maps
  • Value-Complexity Matrix
  • Value Estimation Templates
  • Business Case Metrics

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