Today, many progressive transportation companies are starting to rely on predictive analytics to address non-traditional problems in their businesses. Our solutions provide companies with powerful forecasting tools to help overcome these problems.

Component Failure Forecasting

Accurate forecasting of component failure helps repair shops better prepare themselves in terms of staffing, spare part inventory, and cost estimation. We have helped companies in both the railway and aviation sectors forecast failure rates for several components, using various statistical methods and a wide range of data, including anticipated mileage, component characteristics, geography, weather, macro-economic factors, and general transportation trends.

Faulty Sensor Identification

We have developed custom solutions for our clients to identify faulty detectors/sensors by analyzing historical sensor data, thereby saving them millions of dollars over time in unnecessary replacement costs. By continually monitoring sensor data, we developed alert management systems to effectively and efficiently identify potential faulty sensors/detectors.

Cost Forecasting

Those who are responsible for expense budgets can benefit immensely from accurate cost forecasting. We have developed cost forecasting models taking into account many factors at various sub-levels, such as fleet type, component category, geography, repair shop, and contractors to provide accurate cost forecasts.

Repair Billing Inconsistency

Using a powerful combination of benchmarking methods and forecasting models, we can identify potential irregularities in external contractor repair bills. Our solutions analyze each repair bill and flag suspicious bills for further examination.