Social Media

Online and social media is providing marketers with unprecedented opportunities to reach the right customer with the right product at the right time with the right offer.  We help our clients navigate this ever-evolving digital media landscape with smart models and data-driven insights to maximize ROI on media spend.

Real-time Social Media Intelligence

Monitoring and summarizing social media conversations can provide brand managers with real-time feedback on their brand. We use machine-learning algorithms to analyze millions of conversations across various mediums to answer questions such as -- Who are the people talking about a brand? What brand attributes are being talked about? What are the trends in this space? and What is the competitive landscape.

Bid / Budget Optimization for Online Campaigns

Online ads are only effective if they reach the intended audience at the right cost. We have developed algorithms for optimal bid and budget allocation tailored to the end goal of the advertiser. Read our case study on Bid/Budget optimization to understand our approach and how our solutions were used for multi-million dollar social media campaigns by major brands.

Trigger Based Marketing

Our algorithms and social media textual analysis frameworks identify users who are likely to make a purchase, and identify the item of interest. This can be used to develop a messaging system within the same platform. In addition, this information can be used to enhance offline CRM databases. This way the off-line marketing efforts can involve information from social media.

Campaign Analytics

Our analytics platform helps identify user, media, and creative characteristics that influence user engagement with the ad, and use it to guide targeting. In addition to this, we track key performance indicators. We share all such relevant information in the form of timely insights reports. Our campaign optimization algorithms use all the above data to optimize bid and budget allocation.