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An article written by Pradeep Gulipalli was published in The Hindu’s education supplement. An excerpt:

Business analytics programmes often do a commendable job in equipping their graduates with techno-functional mindset, business thinking, and communication skills. However, looking back at some of the fresh graduates of business analytics programs I have worked with, I find these graduates have some blind spots they need to work on if they were to grow to their full potential.

Some key lessons that will benefit anyone embarking on a career in business analytics:

Understand the problem

Before beginning to solve the problem, make sure you understand it. Speak to all stakeholders in detail to get an understanding of their needs. You should be able to comprehend and articulate how solving it will impact the business. A well-defined problem statement, agreed upon by all stakeholders is the first step. If a problem is unstructured in nature and/or the objective is mere exploration, agree upon that as part of scope.

Understand data

The first order of business after you gain access to the data is to understand it in detail before jumping into any analysis. Evaluate the health of the data — missing values, the number of fields and types, anomalies, internal consistency and so on. Understand what different fields mean and how they are related to each other. Question how various business users have been interpreting and using data. Before you start your analysis or modeling in earnest, slice, dice and explore data and develop a good sense of what it is revealing

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