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Deliver business value through data storytelling

The availability of meaningful data is at an all-time high, given the explosive growth of applications, channels, and devices. However, it only delivers real business insights with the right analytics and reporting strategy in place to extract and leverage data-rich insights. To further complicate matters, even the best-in-class analytics and reporting solutions may not improve decision-making if the level of adoption falls short of expectations.

Tiger Analytics is backed by vast domain knowledge and powerful technology solutions to help transform your data into clear and actionable recommendations. We help increase enterprise-wide adoption through powerful visual storytelling – focused on delivering seamless user experiences. Our reporting and visualization capabilities also empower you with self-service capabilities to complement intelligent decision-making.

Business Benefits

Increased user adoption

Encourage users by equipping them with accessible, powerful, and simplistic decision-making tools

Accelerated value realization

Maximize technology ecosystem ROI with a modernized data orchestration approach

Data-rich culture

Build and sustain a culture of data-driven decision-making mindset across the enterprise

Actionable and proactive

Quickly identify anomalies or patterns to take the right action at the right time

Our Unique Approach

Tiger Analytics’ approach is based on unique human-centric methodologies to strengthen stakeholder engagement and KPI frameworks for specific functional contexts. Our dashboard programming guide can decode the critical steps involved and offers guideline/template toolkits to make the journey easier. We can also deploy Cognitive Insights, an in-house solution, to equip you with conversational AI capabilities

Our Offering

Consulting and Advisory

  • BI strategy & roadmap definition
  • KPI definition
  • Report rationalization


  • Visual dashboarding & storytelling
  • Data modeling
  • BI migration/upgrade
  • BI modernization


  • Managed services for business insights

Enrich decision-making with right Business Insights

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